Our team has been helping guide online shoppers for 10+ years. After our last company was acquired, we're now building the best product expert community for people to share information about the products they love directly with each other.

The Sidebar Ambassador Community connects people to share authentic feedback about products they’re passionate about. Instead of reading questionable reviews, people can communicate with real product owners, Sidebar Ambassadors, who they can personally relate to and trust.

Brands can support product experts and the community overall.

We're looking for amazing people who want to help build something from the ground up. Ambassadors, developers, and social marketers are all more than welcome to contact us.

Join us here in beautiful Portland, OR and be part of something big.


Open Positions

Social Media Manager (part-time contract)

Our Social Media Manager will be responsible for coordinating and helping execute our social media strategy to build the Sidebar community, working mainly with Instagram, but familiarity with YouTube and Facebook is a plus.

Key Duties: 

- Assist with company social media accounts (finding content, creating captions, strategic use of hashtags)
- Identify and communicate with users identified as targets for our community
- Assist in creating fun and engaging content for our audience. 


- Post content and interact on Instagram on a daily basis 
- Engage with target users, encourage them to join our community
- Monitoring all interactions and engagements on all social platforms
- Repurpose content from other sources for our own social media channels 
- Track key social media analytics on a monthly basis

Contract is for 5-10 hours per week. Compensation based on experience.

Please contact us and let us know why you're interested and how the position might be a good fit!