Final Straw 2.0 Review

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Currently Americans use 500 million plastic straws a year and most of that plastic eventually finds its way to the ocean. More and more food providers have stopped offering straws and many people are trying to get them banned all together. It’s pretty amazing how quickly the anti-straw movement is happening and gives us hope for much more to be done in the future to reduce plastic waste on earth.

There are all kinds of alternative straws popping up. You’ve probably used paper straws in restaurants but did you know that you can carry your own and use it whenever you like? Besides paper, you can now find straws that are metal, silicone, and even glass for your personal use. Is this something you’d be willing to do to help the planet? Sounds like a great idea to us.

Sidebar ambassador Mark recently reviewed the Final Straw 2.0, an updated version of their original reusable metal straw. At $25 it’s a little pricey for a seemingly banal item, but check out why Mark thinks it’s a small price to pay for sustainability. Below you’ll find a summary of his review, but you can read more at Sidebar:

  • Mark says, “I have a lot of conservative friends who lost their minds when California banned the usage of plastic straws. This really made me laugh and set the stage for my original Final Straw pick up”

  • “When I came across Final Straw on Kickstarter and saw the “Suck Responsibly” catch phrase and marketing video I couldn’t give them my money fast enough.”

  • ”I’ve been impressed with Final Straw. Not only do they help me cut down on the waste I produce but the novelty from whipping one out and letting it flip together in a dramatic fashion is still incredibly satisfying.”

  • ”I’m glad I picked up my Final Straw. I feel good about using it, it’s more comfortable to use than solid plastic reusable straws and fit into most of the lids on my reusable cups… there really isn’t an excuse to not use the Final Straw.”

Read Mark’s full review at Sidebar.

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Sarah Holdeman