Oru Kayak Beach LT Review


“Convenience is the name of the game”

Oru Kayak recently introduced the world to “the origami kayak – a craft with the strength and performance of a hardshell boat, the portability of a suitcase, and a mind-blowingly cool way to transform between the two.” What began as a concept on Kickstarter has now taken the world of water sports by storm! If you’re skeptical about paddling out into the water in an origami kayak, check out what Sidebar ambassador Megan has to say about her Oru Beach LT kayak!

“Honestly, I was a die-hard Oru Kayak fan long before I had one. The concept of a foldable kayak?! It’s the dream. When I purchased a new car I was shopping for a new kayak rack for my old hard plastic kayak for nearly a month. When I priced it out, the cheapest I could get a quality kayak rack was $500. Add on top of that the fact that I LOATHE putting a kayak on top of the car; it’s cumbersome, inefficient, and sometimes dangerous. I’ve even had kayak racks bend in windy conditions on the road, which is completely unacceptable. For twice the price of a kayak rack I could have a kayak I never had to load, could pack on my back, and stores easily in my apartment (hello no garage).

I will say that an Oru Kayak Beach LT isn’t ideal for all paddling conditions: heavy wind/waves, rocky rivers, or sharp oysters/barnacles may find you hoping for a different kayak style. But for leisurely to moderate paddles on calm to mild seas, lakes, ponds, or rivers, I highly recommend it. The Oru Kayak Beach LT has a 300 lb weight capacity, which means me and my 60 lb rescue dog can comfortably ride in it. Note: the first few times you fold/unfold the kayak you’re breaking the folds in and it can be tough. I recommend you do it somewhere not in public until it’s broken in and you’ve gotten the hang of assembling the kayak on your own - because these babies do attract a lot of attention at the boat launch :)”

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Sarah Holdeman