Sidebar FAQ

Who are my experts?

They can be employees you have in-house, a team of people who use your products, or even your best customers. Once active, the data will quickly show you who does the best job. We track response times, interaction ratings, and conversion metrics so you can appropriately incentivize your best experts.

How do I incentivize my experts?

We’ve seen the best results when our clients keep things super simple. If your experts are employees, you can make answering questions part of their daily routine. If you’d like to use advocates, 20% discounts is a good rule of thumb. You can also do fun things like give early access to new products. However what’s best to keep in mind is that your best advocates are the ones who love your brand so much that they love being empowered to be an expert and have their face on your site. When you put a true brand advocate on your site for the public to see, the strong feeling of connection that some people get is the primary motivator and the discounts are a nice to have.

How do I invite people to be experts?

If you’d like to invite a group of people to apply to be experts, you can give them a link to your personalized application page. There they will answer a series of questions for you to use to choose your best applicants. If you already know who you’d like to invite, simply enter their email address in your admin site and we take care of the invite, instructions, mobile app download, and everything else.

How much time will my experts spend answering questions?

This really depends on how much traffic you get and how complex your products are, but generally you need fewer experts than you might think.

How many experts do I need for this to work?

The answer again varies but what’s key is that a quality interaction with one expert will convert much better than having low quality interactions with several. If you’re a small business, maybe start with 1-3 experts to try it out. If you’re a medium business, maybe 5-10. And up from there.

How do I control what experts say on our site?

Sidebar is recording all conversations so you’ll be able to read them and make sure that your experts are staying on brand. But remember, you’re choosing experts who already love your brand and products so the chances they have a negative opinion are very low.

Should I train my experts to say certain things?

If you have news you’d like them to share with customers such as product updates, that’s great to give your experts. But in general, the highest conversions come from letting experts be authentic and speak honestly about products. They should demonstrate their overall happiness but also be honest and express what they’d like to improve.

How much time will I have to put in to manage my experts?

Very little. Sidebar takes care of that work for you by handling the application, invite, on-boarding, and data analysis. You’ll be sent messages when something needs to be approved, and you’ll want to keep an eye on the great results, but otherwise Sidebar will oversee everything.

What does implementation look like?

Add a line of code to your site, enter the email addresses of your experts for us to invite, and you’re done.